As people isolate, their craving for connectedness gives rise to a plethora of new social dynamics and behaviors.

Have you noticed DJs streaming their sets? Chefs streaming their cooking? Gym instructors doing live classes? Opera singers, actors and all sorts of performers doing their thing live from the coziness of their living rooms? They not only do it, but it turns out they also find the right audiences easily.

Social Bakers reports the live views for both Facebook Live and Instagram Live have doubled in the first week of the crisis.

Turns out the corona-crisis has sharply accelerated an already-growing trend, making forecasters rethink their numbers for the coming years. And we have every reason to believe they’ll soon take the numbers even higher up.   

So what does this mean for you?

It always pays off to act when the trend adoption curve is only starting to take off. So, to cut the story short, there’s never been a better time to livestream. While it’s true social media plays a part in shaping the public’s fears regarding the pandemic right now, it does make up for it in other ways. It helps them enjoy things together, fight things together or simply stand together.

So what are you great at? If you’re a marketer – what is your brand known for? Whatever it is you do best, go and livestream it today. Does it answer a need for connectedness by bringing people together under a common goal? Does it gather people with a certain interest, preference? Or maybe guilty pleasure or twisted sense of humor? Is it transporting the audience to a realm far away from the day’s news?

Add a point for each. And don’t shy away, because you’ll likely make a bigger splash and find a greater audience than you might expect. Worst case scenario, you’ll end up with yet another story from 2020 to bore your grandkids with.