I don’t know about you, but the past few months made it very clear for me that the small things matter the most in life. There are the small details that shape the best ideas, the small gestures that keep the flame burning in a relationship and the small actions we take to protect others – which eventually lead to big changes in our communities.

Back in the days, I used to see the small as a beginning of something big. Especially when it came to business. But little did I know that small is a great destination itself. And most of the time, a small business means a big dream come true. Call me Mother Teresa, but the time has come to face it: we all want to live a purposeful life. And nope, it’s not that I plan to start a business in the coming months. There are small things everywhere waiting to be discovered. And I like competition. 😊

Do you know what I call a fantastic victory? It’s not that easy for a corporate guy to admit, but I have to give credit where credit is due. So, it’s that time when a small business has the power to out-innovate a big corporation and come up with revolutionary ideas for the entire business sector. And for our daily lives as well. As a matter of fact, this thing is not as rare as you might think. On the contrary, in the United States small businesses produce as much as 16 times more patents per year than big firms, according to The American Small Business Administration. So we can clearly say that small businesses innovate more. And they are great case studies for each big company. Not to mention that they are the biggest job-creating machines out there, as they generate two out of every three new jobs.

The truth is that the current pandemic has presented an opportunity for the rediscovery of the entrepreneurial spirit in all business leaders. But especially the small ones were forced to overcome the hardest challenges. And it’s not for the first time in our history when this thing is happening. Every major crisis has been pivotal in developing our societies and a catalyst for entrepreneurship.

Here are just some examples:

I think it’s just something natural for the humankind. Some of us perform better under pressure, am I right? As Talk Space notes, there is an instinctual, survival-based reaction to threat called fight-flight-freeze response that we, as mammals, all have. And guess what, real entrepreneurs have a thing for fighting. They don’t take the first flight to their parents’ house or freeze out when they have a problem. They fight with all their resources until they get what they wish for.

Now take a look at the chart above and try to guess how high the metrics of new patents will rise this time. I can say for sure that something big is cooking. The question is… who is going to taste it first? I bet that the real winners at the innovation chapter will be the small businesses. Do you play?

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