McCann TV- Your one stop place for news

We live unprecedented times for our industry also. Hectic times for our clients. Times when agencies need to prove themselves as the trustworthy business consultants they always promised to be.

Our job, now more than ever, is to make our clients and the industry feel optimistic, and we need to do it with the right arguments, with the right insights, with the right connections.

That’s why McCann Worldgroup Romania launched McCann TV, a project meant to bring a bit of light and positivity in these times of uncertainty. 

McCann TV is a content platform that has as an objective sharing information and starting conversations in the advertising industry. We’ll showcase different opinions, different perspectives on how CEOs, artists, film directors, DOPs, influencers, advertisers, strategists, entrepreneurs and many more are coping with this situation.

Getting more clarity, getting data, getting the new social pulse helps everyone stay optimistic and focused in the new reality.

Stay tuned!