Lockdown’s over and slowly but surely, we’re discovering what the deal is with this new normal. Some things are out of our lives, at least for a while – all the big festivals, most of the holidays abroad. Some things are new – like the “new masks supply bag” and the “barely used masks bag” in our backpacks or purses, or the VPN login when working from home.

Gaming before Covid: unhealthy, isolating, waste of time

Among all these, there are some things that really caught momentum during the lockdown crisis and turned the bad times into an opportunity for a whole community. One of them is gaming – an industry that was on the rise in the last few years, but also an industry that was still struggling to be taken seriously and to be appreciated by generations that saw video games as a waste of time.

Gaming post covid – BIGGER THAN ENTERTAINMENT: anxiety healer, socially responsible community, socialization enabler

During lockdown some of the most widespread myths about gaming have been challenged by new perspectives non-gamers could see it from. It is believed gaming beats anxiety and loneliness, and the at-home-isolation has been the perfect context to stress test this perspective.

 Online video games reunited friends, treated boredom and prevented people from going crazy between 4 walls. One Romanian mom was talking about how her 9 years old son dealt well with isolation because he had his entertainment and his friends on Fortnite.

In the meantime, games just made it to the medicine world, as the FDA just approved the first prescription video game for kids with ADHD.

Source: Momentum, We know Gamers, 2018

On another note, the gaming industry was clearly not blind and ignorant to what has been happening in the world.

Romanian gamers proved to be more than young people looking for entertainment. Just like all the major sports, gaming showed its socially responsible side during a charity gaming marathon to help Romanian authorities in their fight with coronavirus. 150.000 participants and 12 hours later, 10.000$ were donated to the SMURD Foundation.

Game makers and gaming brands like Sony, EA Sports, Activision cancelled new launches or events because they didn’t find the current context (US protests for Black Lives Matter) right enough to think of celebrations.

The good side of gaming is out now. The community and the industry now need to build up their responsible gaming muscle, and together with the right sponsors amplify the positive power of gaming to make life better – for players and the society they all live in.