Nurture meaningful relationships with your clients

On day 2 of Small Business #special week we caught up with Silviu Tolu (Congrats on becoming a father🍼🍾!) in a short chat about his view on how small businesses should adapt to the times of change and what practices they should embrace in order to survive in the new reality!

Relationships are now more than ever in the spotlight

-Key word for #WhatNow ? -Relationships The relationships we have and are building further on, the ones that feed us personally or professionally, they all come under the spotlight in this crisis. Hear it all from Nicky Bullard, Chairwoman & Chief Creative Officer, MRM London, today, on #McCann

Radio life before & after lockdown

We've invited Sebastian Cotofana to look back at the lockdown period ending and tell us what's it been like for him. All the details about the new reality affecting his work and impact the radio life in the following episode:

Go Local!

Word of advice from Laurentiu Banescu, enterpreneur & co-founder of Zaganu Craft Beer, for the aftermath of the pandemic!