Protests – One Minute Truth

With people all over the world taking their frustrations out in the streets and demanding that their voices be heard, how do Romanians feel about #protests? We had a look at the statistics and AJ is ready to present to us the conclusions:

New Normal – One Minute Truth

Mario Morby, Head of Strategic Planning, FP7 McCann MENAT is sharing a different perspective on the #NewNormal as Social Distancing rules are inforced all over the world, as UAE begins to open up. He claims some of them will help us improve our consumer experiences.

Skin Hunger – One Minute Truth

The lockdown and Covid crisis stormed in our lives cutting us off from friends and loved ones, whose hugs fed us subtly for a lifetime, a fact we're acknowledging only now. Minerva Sosa Soria, our Senior Strategist colleague from McCann Paris is sharing some insights on what the #SkinHunger we're currently experiencing, really is and why skin contact matters so much.

One Hour Truth

Join AJ and her guests: Rodney Collins (Regional Director-EMEA Truth Central, McCann Worldgroup) and Adina Vlad (Managing Partner, Unlock Research) as they explored the intersection of global and local trends to understand Romania's place in the global fight against Covid-19, all in a special edition of the show!

Cooking – One Minute Truth

Never in the history of humankind have we ever witnessed such a collective passion being embraced by so many people, all around the globe, at the same time. Hands up if you tried to bake banana bread at least a dozen times during the lock down.