We’re living in one of the most uncertain times in recent history, and the more we stay here, the more uncertain it gets.

And the more we stay here the most we read. Researches popping out from everywhere, scrolling through articles, opening discussion in different Facebook groups, analyzing online discussion, getting subscriptions to renowned online magazines, making assumptions, trying to unlock the mysteries of this new world we are living in. All of course in order to guide our brands’ communication, giving some reassurance to our clients, being on top of the trends, being good marketers.

But first let’s rewind for a quick second to a time when everything was normal.

Let’s go back 3 months. 6 months. 1 year. And make some assumptions.

1st assumption: we said the phrase ”81% of people believe brands are responsible for creating positive change” more than we’ve said our own names. To be honest, I think this is one of the main reasons we’re working in this industry.

2nd assumption: we said ”Nike doesn’t just say Just do it, they enable you to Just do it” a lot as well throughout the years.It must have been clear for all of us up until now that it’s not only about what brands say, it’s merely what they do that matters.

3rd assumption: we pushed digitalization through all of our processes and creative initiatives, no matter what type of agency we are, as the lines between studies gets more blurred each day.

I’m not trying to say that this situation isn’t new, that it isn’t scary, that things have not changed overnight. I’m trying to say that we, as marketers, have had some of the answers that we are so desperately looking for throughout the internet, all along with us. We are forcefully being pushed to start doing what we tried so hard until now:

  1. The uncertainty of tomorrow spawns a better and faster connection between brands, agencies and the people. Analyzing the needs of the brand isn’t just a stand alone process, it goes hand in hand with the most ardent needs of the consumers. It considers delivering insightful, strategic and creative solutions, done at a fast pace, aimed to add real value to the everyday emerging needs.
  • Humans, not consumers – if there’s a fault that kept building along the years it was acting towards the people as our consumers, as slides in a powerpoint or numbers in an excel. What this crisis managed to brilliantly do was to give us some time to reconsider the way we are addressing people in our communication and to reassess and reprioritize what counts as meaningful content.
  • Enabling valuable action – we spent years building the foundations of our brands – their DNA, their purpose, their meaningful role. Having this is great. Bringing this to life becomes mandatory.
  •  Adapt to the new – it must be clear by now to all of us that brands’ communication in times of crisis is a must. What’s also clear is that in order to create that long-lasting relationship with our people, in order to be relevant, we need to change the tools. Being where our people are is not that hard in the age of algorithms and data. Delivering brand communication that matters needs insight and an eagle eye towards actual human behavior.

What we are currently witnessing is a long-time-coming break from advertising that needs Adblock or Mark as spam. All the studies have led us to believe that brands’ authority in people’s lives has been long ago recognized and established. But what we will also be seeing this time is the survival of the brands that actually manage to have a meaningful role in the society.