Blooming in Pandemic times

How does a business whose DNA was everything but social distancing adapt to the new reality? Hear it straight from the Maison Dadoo team!

Skin Hunger – One Minute Truth

The lockdown and Covid crisis stormed in our lives cutting us off from friends and loved ones, whose hugs fed us subtly for a lifetime, a fact we're acknowledging only now. Minerva Sosa Soria, our Senior Strategist colleague from McCann Paris is sharing some insights on what the #SkinHunger we're currently experiencing, really is and why skin contact matters so much.

WFH for Tennis Pros

For most of us, adapting to the new status quo of WFH was difficult but possible. Yet, Horia Tecau, Romanian professional tennis player, currently ranked World no. 11 in doubles, could not say the same

High-school drama during pandemic times

Somewhere in between constant catastrophic news, the shock of the lockdown, financial uncertainty and adjusting to working from home for months, we seem to have forgotten about a group of people hit harder than any of us “grown-ups”: the 12th graders.