One Minute Truth – Environmentalists

It's only fair that after seeing what our activity slowed down meant to the planet, we'd draw some conclusions for the future. See what the new wave of Post-Covid environmentalists are all about and tell us if you're maybe one of them!

AI & Diversity – One Minute Truth

Software isn't intrinsically bias, so we still have a chance at ''teaching'' AIs all about diversity. #Checkout Monica Tailor (Head of LIVE UK, McCann Worldgroup) view on AI's role in building a fairer society

Protests – One Minute Truth

With people all over the world taking their frustrations out in the streets and demanding that their voices be heard, how do Romanians feel about #protests? We had a look at the statistics and AJ is ready to present to us the conclusions:

Baking – One Minute Truth

Truth is, we've all discovered or learned new skills during the past few months, but none of them was as delicious and nourishing as the one this #OMT episode is about.

One Hour Truth

Join AJ and her guests: Rodney Collins (Regional Director-EMEA Truth Central, McCann Worldgroup) and Adina Vlad (Managing Partner, Unlock Research) as they explored the intersection of global and local trends to understand Romania's place in the global fight against Covid-19, all in a special edition of the show!