It’s hard on purpose

Doing purposeful work isn't easy. Otherwise everyone would be doing it. But at the end of the day, it's all worth it! Meet the clients and hear the backstage stories, straight from the McCann Worldgroup Romania team!

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Dark side of Wellness – One Minute Truth

Did you ever think about the dark side of wellness? How something that can influence your life and change it for the good, is being used for profit and sometimes is actually making you worse. Our colleague from McCann Health is sharing some insights on the matter

One Minute Truth – Environmentalists

It's only fair that after seeing what our activity slowed down meant to the planet, we'd draw some conclusions for the future. See what the new wave of Post-Covid environmentalists are all about and tell us if you're maybe one of them!

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Nurture meaningful relationships with your clients

On day 2 of Small Business #special week we caught up with Silviu Tolu (Congrats on becoming a father🍼🍾!) in a short chat about his view on how small businesses should adapt to the times of change and what practices they should embrace in order to survive in the new reality!